Secretary Elizabeth Dudek

Elizabeth Dudek, Secretary

Agency for Health Care Administration

About the Secretary

Governor Rick Scott appointed Elizabeth Dudek as Secretary of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration in March 2011. As Secretary, Ms. Dudek oversees the operations of the Florida Medicaid Program, the Division of Health Quality Assurance and the Florida Center for Health Information and Policy Analysis, along with managing an approximately $20+ billion budget.

Prior to her appointment, Ms. Dudek served as Deputy Secretary for the Division of Health Quality Assurance within the Agency for Health Care Administration. In that capacity she managed a staff of over 600 responsible for the regulation (state licensure and federal certification) of more than 41,000 health care facilities, service providers and managed care organizations; the review of architectural and emergency plans for health care facilities; the investigation of consumer complaints against health care facilities; the determination of need for additional health care facilities and services (Certificate of Need); and the provision of related training to staff, consumers and providers. She was the Agency's emergency operations coordinator and a registered lobbyist providing testimony before the Legislature on behalf of the Agency.

During her tenure with the Agency, Ms. Dudek has held the positions of Bureau Chief of Certificate of Need/Budget Review, Assistant Director, Bureau Chief of Health Facility Compliance and Assistant Deputy Secretary of Managed Care and Health Quality. Ms. Dudek has over thirty years of health care experience; ranging from direct care work with developmentally disabled individuals in a state institution to testifying for the Agency as an expert in health planning.

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