Medicaid Certified Match Substance Abuse Services

The Medicaid Certified Match Substance Abuse Program presents an opportunity for counties to increase local, public funds committed to substance abuse treatment for Medicaid recipients, by receiving federal matching funds for three new Medicaid funded substance abuse services. These three new Medicaid substance abuse services approved for the Local Medicaid Match Certification program are listed below:

This project has the same requirements as other federal Medicaid match programs with which your county may be familiar, including the public schools' certified match program or the Targeted Case Management program for at-risk children, which uses Children's Services Council funds as match to Medicaid.

Under this program the county will contract with providers to offer these services. The county will reimburse the providers directly and in full and then will be able to submit claims to Medicaid for reimbursement of the federally funded portion. This process will require that the counties enroll in Medicaid as a Community Behavioral Health Services provider (provider type 05). Instructions on enrollment are included in the links below.

Since payments under this program are from federal funds, records must be available for AHCA and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services audits. The substance abuse treatment agency or agencies which your county contracts to deliver these services will most likely be familiar with such audits and the documentation that is required.

Certified Medicaid Match Agreement [58KB PDF]

Amendment I: Costs and Job Description Chart [41KB PDF]

Medicaid Certified Substance Abuse Match Program Recommended Components [68KB PDF]

Quarterly Certification of Expenditures by County [76KB PDF]

Medicaid Substance Abuse Certified Match Process Guide [156KB PDF]

If you have question regarding Medicaid Certified Match Substance Abuse Services, please email or call:

Tracy Thompson at or 412-4270.