Bureau of Medicaid Policy
Draft Policies, Fee Schedules, and Other Documents

The following documents from the Bureau of Medicaid Policy are provided for the public to access draft materials during the promulgation process. These documents are not final until they are adopted into rule. Comments on draft documents will be accepted in accordance with the public comment process specified in section 120.54, Florida Statutes.

Drafts for workshops and hearings that have occurred, if available, can be found in the archive folders at the bottom of the applicable page.

The Agency is transitioning all rule materials to the Agency for Health Care Administration’s website. Reference material for rules promulgated on or after 5/3/16 can be found below. Reference material for rules promulgated prior to 5/3/16 can be found on the Fiscal Agent’s website.

Workshop Drafts Reference Material

Hearing Drafts Reference Material

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Other Documents

Promulgated Rules

Agency Upcoming Workshops and/or Public Hearings