Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

DME Prior Authorization Review Process Transition to eQHealth Solutions, Inc.

Provider Letter [107KB PDF]

Florida Medicaid’s Custom Wheelchair Evaluation Form (Electronic format)

Custom Wheelchair Evaluation Form [748KB PDF]

DME Level 2 Background Screening Requirement Information

Providers (Durable Medical Equipment and Suppliers) must obtain a level 2 background screening, as provided under s. 435.04 and 408.809, F.S., for each provider employee in direct contact with or providing direct services to recipients of durable medical equipment and medical supplies in their homes.

This requirement includes repair and service technicians, fitters, delivery staff and staff previously screened under Level 1 standards for a Florida licensed Home Medical Equipment provider that is also a Durable Medical Equipment provider. The provider shall pay for the cost of the background screening.

For more information, please visit the Florida Medicaid’s Background Screening web site.  

Disposable Incontinence Diaper Coverage

Effective September 1, 2010, Florida Medicaid has begun covering disposable incontinence diapers for children ages four (4) through twenty (20).

Please refer to the DME handbook and provider fee schedules for coverage policy and limitaitons.

Enteral Nutritional Supplements

Effective January 1, 2014 Category Lists for the HCPCS Codes for Enteral Formula [98KB PDF]

Policy Brief re: Enteral Nutrition Products [45KB PDF] As of 7/27/05

Enteral Nutritional Supplements do not require prior authorization.

For more information about the Durable Medical Equipment Program, please visit our fiscal agent’s Web Portal at http://www.mymedicaid-florida.com. Click on Public Information for Providers, and then Provider Support. Under Provider Support, you may choose from a variety of options that include Provider Handbooks and Fee Schedules. Select the appropriate Durable Medical Equipment document.

Reporting Medicaid Fraud