Drug Utilization Review Board

The Drug Utilization Board (DUR Board) reviews and approves drug use criteria and standards for both prospective and retrospective drug use reviews. It applies these criteria and standards in the application of DUR activities, reviews and reports the results of the drug use reviews, and recommends and evaluates the educational intervention programs.

It was established in Section 4401, 1927 (g) of the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA ’90) in which it was mandated that the Agency develop and adopt regulations effective January 1, 1993, for a drug use review program for covered outpatient drugs.

The Act also requires the DUR Board to prepare an annual report regarding the DUR program for the Deputy Secretary for Florida Medicaid.

Board Members as of November 2013  [36KB PDF]

Schedule of Meetings

Information regarding the next scheduled meeting for the Drug Utilization Review Board can be found at the Pharmacy Meeting Notices web page.

Drug Utilization Reports

The following links are to files of a history of drug utilization reports for the Florida Medicaid program. The files require Microsoft Excel to view.

First Quarter 2013
[1.22MB MS Excel] 4/23/2013
Second Quarter 2013
[1.29MB MS Excel] 7/22/2013
Third Quarter 2013
[1.28MB MS Excel] 10/24/2013
Fourth Quarter 2013
[867KB MS Excel] 1/23/2014


First Quarter 2012
[1.20MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2012
[1.20MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2012
[1.22MB MS Excel]

Fourth Quarter 2012
[1.27MB MS Excel]


Fourth Quarter 2011
[1.20MB MS Excel]

Third Quarter 2011
[1.14MB MS Excel]

Second Quarter 2011
[1.26MB MS Excel]

First Quarter 2011
[1.25MB MS Excel]
Fourth Quarter 2010
[1.3MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2010
[1.3MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2010
[1.3MB MS Excel]
First Quarter 2010
[1.3MB MS Excel]
Fourth Quarter 2009
[1.3MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2009
[1.3MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2009
[1.2MB MS Excel]
First Quarter 2009
[1.1MB MS Excel]
Fourth Quarter 2008
[1.1MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2008
[1.2MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2008
[1.2MB MS Excel]
First Quarter 2008
[1.2MB MS Excel]
Fourth Quarter 2007
[1.2MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2007
[1.1MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2007
[1.1MB MS Excel]
First Quarter 2007 - Revised 5/27/07
[1.1MB MS Excel]
Fourth Quarter 2006
[1.1MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2006
[1.1MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2006
[1.2MB MS Excel]
First Quarter 2006
[1.0MB MS Excel]
Fourth Quarter 2005
[1.8MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2005
[1.8MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2005
[1.6MB MS Excel]
First Quarter 2005
[1.8MB MS Excel]
Fourth Quarter 2004
[1.8MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2004
[1.7MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2004
[1.8MB MS Excel]
First Quarter 2004
[1.3MB MS Excel]
Fourth Quarter 2003
[1.7MB MS Excel]
Third Quarter 2003
[1.3MB MS Excel]
Second Quarter 2003
[1.7MB MS Excel]
First Quarter 2003
[1.7MB MS Excel]

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