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Welcome to MediPass!

MediPass is one of your Medicaid managed health care choices. All the benefits you had before under Medicaid are the same with MediPass.

In MediPass, you will have a doctor or health care center that is your provider.  You will go to your doctor for check-ups and when you are sick.  Your provider will give you or arrange for all of your health care, keep all your medical records up-to-date and in one place, refer you to a specialist when it is necessary, and arrange to admit you to a hospital, when needed. The MediPass welcome brochure [624KB PDF] contains important information on how to access care and frequently asked questions.

How to choose or change a MediPass doctor?

You can change your MediPass doctor at any time by calling your local Medicaid field office for help.

Replace your lost or stolen MediPass card or Medicaid card

If your MediPass card has been lost or stolen call Medicaid Options at 1-888-367-6554. You will need your date of birth, Medicaid ID Number and the last four digits of your social security number. If your Medicaid card has been lost or stolen call the Department of Children and Families (DCF) at
1-866-762-2237 to request a new card.