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Disease Management

The Disease Management Initiative is a statewide initiative aimed at improving health outcomes and quality of life for MediPass members who have certain chronic illnesses.  All MediPass members with applicable diagnoses who meet the program’s enrollment criteria are eligible to participate in this initiative. 

All services provided by Disease Management Programs are offered free of charge to MediPass physicians and their patients. After the MediPass member is enrolled in a disease management program, the program will provide the MediPass member with disease specific education; periodic contact with a designated nurse care manager; develop a care plan with the patient and treating physician to identify problems, interventions and outcomes.  The program will share the care plan, including periodic updates, with the treating physician; will act as a resource to the treating provider by offering the latest disease specific evidenced based treatment guidelines; and will provide a list of the patients in the practice who are participating in the disease management programs.  Some of the disease management programs also offer continuing medical education credits. 

Members who are identified with HIV/AIDS or hemophilia, are enrolled in the Disease Management program but may choose to disenroll at any time. Members diagnosed with hemophilia who receive factor products may not disenroll from the Disease Management program but do have a choice of vendors and may change vendors at any time.

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Disease Management Programs

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  • Hemophilia



  • Hemophilia


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Provider Involvement

The Agreement for Participation in MediPass requires you, the physician, to work closely with the Disease Management Program.   You may refer your MediPass patients who are not already enrolled and may benefit from the services offered by the Disease Management program (DM) by contacting your local MediPass office.  Each DM program has Registered Nurse Care Managers (RNCM) who become an extension of the services you provide to the enrolled patients by helping them better understand their disease and make necessary lifestyle changes with the goal of self-management.  By working closely with the RNCM, you have another resource to reinforce healthy habits for some of your most vulnerable patients.  You can also get valuable feedback from the RNCM regarding the patient’s progress towards understanding their disease and following your plan of care. DM programs disseminate current clinical practice guidelines to providers, which may be useful to you.

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