Medicaid HMO 2003-2004 Capitation Rates

AHCA uses the methodology that was developed by Milliman and Robertson in FY 00/01 to:

A Summary by Age, Eligibility Category, and Area [25KB, XLS] provides general information about the 2003-2004 Medicaid HMO Capitation Rates. More detailed information is available in the appendices listed below, posted in zipped files for your convenience.

Zip File
TANF/AFDC (Appendix A) Appendix A [116KB, ZIP]
SSI - No Medicare (Appendix B) Appendix B [104KB, ZIP]
SSI - Medicare A and B (Appendix C) Appendix C [88KB, ZIP]
SSI - Medicare B (Appendix D) Appendix D [60KB, ZIP]

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