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The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) has released a new resource to help standardize the healthcare lexicon and organize useful resources for providers. The ONC Health IT Playbook can be found at https://www.healthit.gov/playbook/introduction

Important Deadline

Program Year 2016 is the final year in which eligible professionals and hospitals can begin to participate in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. For information on what it required and how to get started refer to:  Program Participation Overview

Program Year 2015 Applications

We had over 1,700 program year 2015 applications on September 1, 2016. We review applications in the order they were submitted. Please be patient with us while we work through the program year 2015 applications. A thorough review takes some time.

If your practice has a payment being audited, we will not review your current applications until the audit is complete. The reason is if the result of the audit is a finding requiring recoupment, it may impact the current applications.

Program Year 2016 Applications

MAPIR is open for providers to attest to Adopt, Implement, Upgrade (AIU) or for their first year of attesting to Meaningful Use for the 2016 program year. Providers in their second to sixth year of attesting to Meaningful Use can start an application but will not be able to submit it because those providers are scheduled to attest to meeting measures for the full year of 2016. There is a proposed rule that may change the reporting period to 90 days for all providers but the rule must be final before a system change can be made.

If a provider has an active 2015 application, they will not be able to attest until the 2015 application is paid or denied. Common issues with applications are described in this Application Tip Sheet.

The deadline to submit all program year 2016 applications is March 31, 2017.