Required Documentation

Through the completion of the on-line application (MAPIR), the provider is attesting that they have met all program requirements for the payment year in which they are applying. For each payment year, the provider must meet basic program eligibility criteria and volume requirements. Providers are required to maintain documentation that supports their attestations for a period of six years.

In addition to the information contained directly in the application, EPs must upload certain documentation to support their application. This documentation does vary based on participation year but at a minimum, applications must be supported by:

Meaningful Use Documentation Adopt, Implement, or Upgrade Documentation

Providers attesting to Meaningful Use must include:

  • A copy of their Meaningful Use report from their system for meaningful use measures and clinical quality measures.
  • Providers practice at more than one practice must complete the Additional Documentation Form.
  • Encounter Report for EHR Reporting Period.
  • Security Risk Analysis including Asset Inventory and Final Report.
  • For Public Health Reporting
    • Documentation from the registry of active engagement OR
    • Documentation supporting exclusions other than alternate exclusions

Providers applying for an adopt, implement, or upgrade (AIU) payment must provide vendor certification supporting 2014 Certified EHR technology (CEHRT) as described above.