The Bureau of Managed Health Care plays an important role in AHCA's mission of Better Health Care for all Floridians through the oversight and monitoring of a variety of programs.

HMOs, or Health Maintenance Organizations, provide prepaid health services and place emphasis on preventive health care through effective quality and cost controls. The Bureau has regulatory authority over both

Medicaid Enrollment Information: Information is available about Medicaid Managed Care choices through Florida Medicaid's Enrollment Broker, Medicaid Options. Go to or call the toll free Medicaid Options HelpLine at 1-888-367-6554 for enrollment information and choices.

Enrollment Broker/Choice Counseling Enrollment Processing Calendar (for health plans):
The Bureau regulates other types of managed care organizations with self-limiting networks and/or contracts:

The Bureau plays pivotal roles in the Agency's administration of:

The Agency for Health Care Administration now provides assistance to health care providers and health plans for resolving certain claim disputes under the Statewide Provider and Health Plan Claim Dispute Resolution Program:

Reporting Medicaid Fraud