Long Term Care Unit

Bernard Hudson
Manager, Long Term Care Unit

Bureau of Health Facility Regulation
2727 Mahan Drive MS#33
Tallahassee, FL 32308
Florida Relay Service (TDD): (800) 955-8771
Phone: (850) 412-4303
Fax: (850) 410-1512
Email: LTCStaff@ahca.myflorida.com

The Long Term Care Unit provides licensing and regulation for the following entities:

NOTE: All facilities with an asterick (*) after the name, are available on the Online Licensing Application.

Emergency Power Related Rules

Notices and Updates

*Pursuant to  Rule 28-104.005, F.A.C., notice is given that the Agency for Health Care Administration has received Petitions for Variances from Rule 59AER17-1.  The list of petitioners seeking variances from this rule is reflected within the above links, which is identified by the dates specified above. The Petitions seek a variance from Rule 59AER17-1 requesting a variance as to the time for the implementation of the emergency rule and specifically requesting an extension of time to implement the rule. Interested persons or other agencies may submit written comments on the petition for emergency variance within 5 days after publication of the notice by forwarding an email to Kimberly.Stewart@ahca.myflorida.com. A copy of a specific petition filed may be obtained by contacting Kimberly Stewart, Agency for Health Care Administration, Division of Health Quality Assurance, Bureau of Health Facility Regulation, 2727 Mahan Drive, Building 1, Mail Stop #28A, Tallahassee, Florida 32308 or by email to Kimberly.Stewart@ahca.myflorida.com requesting a copy of the petition.

2013 Fee Increase Letters

Applications and Forms

Licensed/Regulated Programs

Nursing Homes

provide 24 hour a day nursing care, case management, health monitoring, personal care, nutritional meals and special diets, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, social activities and respite care for those who are ill or physically infirm.


Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled

Developmental disability is a disorder or syndrome that is attributable to retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida, or Prader-Willi syndrome; that manifests before the age of 18; and that constitutes a substantial handicap that can reasonably be expected to continue indefinitely.


Homes for Special Services

a site licensed prior to 1/1/2006 where specialized health care services are provided, including personal and custodial care but not continuous nursing services.


Transitional Living Facilities

facility that assists persons with spinal cord injuries and persons with head injuries to achieve a higher level of independent functioning in daily living skills.


Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers

non-residential provider that serves three or more children under the age of 21 who require short, long term or intermittent medical care due to medically complex conditions.


Other Information/Resources:

Governor's Panel on Excellence in Long Term Care

Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Projects

Archived Documents