FOR CLINICAL LABORATORIES ONLY: The CLIA program has a website that allows providers to check the status of their CLIA certificate. The site provides the certificate/application type, name address and CLIA number of the laboratory, the telephone number, certificate expiration date and lab testing performed in that laboratory.


FOR ALL FACILITIES LICENSED BY THE AGENCY FOR HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION : The Agency providers a website that allows the public and existing providers to check the status of a license. Providers who submitted initial applications that have not yet been approved will not be able to view information on the pending application on this website, but all licensed providers will be able to view the status of the license.

    Note: End Stage Renal Disease Facilities are listed on this website, but the status of the license cannot be checked because the Agency does not license these facilities. Waived laboratories are no longer licensed by the state and are not listed on this website. To check to see if a laboratory performing waived testing only has an active CLIA Certificate of Waiver, please check the CLIA Certificate look-up page (above).

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