Rural Health Clinics


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Rural health clinics (RHC) are designed to provide quality care for rural residents by improving access to primary care practitioners. The clinic must be designated as located in a rural and medically under-served area. It must also employ a mid-level practitioner during 50% of its operating hours.

There are two types of rural health clinics. The independent rural health clinic is a freestanding practice that is not part of a hospital, skilled nursing facility or home health agency. The provider based rural health clinic is an integral and subordinate part of a hospital, skilled nursing facility or home health agency.




None at this time

License/Certification Requirements

Application for Medicare certification includes submission of a completed application, required documentation, and successful completion of a survey. Some rural health clinics may require licensure or exemption from licensure as a "health care clinic". Additional information regarding health care clinics can be obtained from the Agency's Health Care Clinics webpage.
Unless required by the "Health Care Clinic Act", there are no state licensing requirements imposed by the Agency.




Rural health clinics accredited by an accrediting organization approved by CMS may be exempt from initial and recertification inspections by the Agency for Health Care Administration. A copy of the accreditation award letter and the complete accreditation report, including any corrective actions must be submitted to the Agency for review. If the accrediting organization does not include it in the award letter verification of Medicare deemed status must also be submitted.

Civil Rights Information and Forms

Note: Providers now have the option of answering all questions and submitting the civil rights clearance package on line.

Civil Rights information and forms are required for rural health clinics that are provider-based to a hospital or CAH.