Health Care Risk Manager Licensure


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Hospital & Outpatient Services Unit

Bureau of Health Facility Regulation
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The Agency for Health Care Administration administers a program for licensure of health care risk managers. Contact Risk Manager Licensing Program Staff [338KB, PDF] for questions regarding the program

Public information regarding licensed risk managers can be found by using the Licensed Risk Manager Search.






None at this time.

Information, forms, and instructions regarding health care risk manager licensure and approved education providers:

Note: A renewal application will not be accepted if your health care risk manager license is expired. An initial license application, including qualifying information, must be filed if your license has expired.

Risk Manager Licensure Application
[199KB, DOC] [315KB, PDF]

Health Care Licensing Application Addendum
[127KB, DOC]

List of Approved Curricula
[142KB, PDF]

Certificate of Employment
[52KB, PDF]

Incident Reporting

For information regarding risk management reporting requirements visit the Agency's Florida Center for Health Information and Policy Analysis, Risk Management and Patient Safety Program (Florida Center).

Background Screening

A level 2 background screen is required every five years. Please visit the Agency's background screening web page for additional information regarding vendors, fees, locations, etc.

Statutes and Rules

Florida Statutes
395.10971, F.S. HCRM Licensure - Purpose
395.10973, F.S. HCRM Licensure - Powers & Duties of the Agency
395.10974, F.S. HCRM Licensure - Qualifications
395.10975, F.S. HCRM Licensure - Discipline
395.0193, F.S. Licensed Facilities/Peer Review/Records Access
395.0197, F.S. Internal Risk Management Programs
395.0056, F.S. Litigation Notice Requirement
395.1012, F.S. Patient Safety
395.1051, F.S. Duty to Notify Patients
395.10972, F.S. HCRM Advisory Council
Chapter 408, Part II, F.S. Health Care Licensing
641.55, F.S. HMO's Internal Risk Management Programs
Florida Administrative Code
59A-10.002 - 59A-10.0065, F.A.C., PART I, Internal Risk Management Program
59A-10.031 - 59A-10.037, F.A.C., PART III, Health Care Risk Manager Licensure
59A-3.270(7), F.A.C., Access to Patient Records,
59A-35, F.A.C., Health Care Licensing,

Updated April 11, 2014