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Frequently Asked Questions: Personnel

1. Do I have to have a nurse?

No. There is no need to have a nurse working for you. A Homemaker Companion Service is prohibited by Florida law from providing any hands-on personal care under the registration issued by AHCA; therefore, no RN is required and/or necessary. Do not accept clients that need personal care. Your business can only provide housekeeping, chores, errands, cooking, and companionship -- that does not include any personal care.

2. Can a Homemaker Companion Service hire certified nursing assistants (CNAs)?

You are not prohibited in the law from hiring someone who has been trained as a CNA, but the person cannot work as a CNA under your Homemaker Companion Services registration. Thus, just hiring helpful persons who are good at housekeeping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and keeping people company is a better practice. Anyone you hire can only work as a homemaker or companion under this registration and cannot do hands-on personal care or health care services.

3. Do homemakers or companions have to have the following prior to going in home(s): TB tests, HIV screening, shots, and CPR?

No. There are no requirements for homemakers and companions to have TB tests, HIV screening, shots or CPR under the AHCA homemaker companion services registration.

4. I have a level 2 conviction on my record, what do I need to do?

You can request an exemption from disqualification by completing the application for an exemption at the AHCA web site under Background Screening. Call the AHCA Background Screening office at (850) 412-4503 for further information.

5. The wrong person is listed in as our managing employee, how do I get this corrected?

The information in comes from your registration application.  Send a letter to the AHCA Home Care Unit, 2727 Mahan Drive – Mail Stop 34, Tallahassee, FL 32308 and notify them of the person who should be listed as the managing employee. State law requires that the person be level 2 background screened (fingerprinted), unless he or she has already been screened and this is verified by AHCA.

6. Can I have contractors or just employees with my registration?

You can have both.

7. Can I have more than one person working with me?

Yes. You should have at least one person working for you or you do not need to register. There is no law that limits the number of employees. You must ensure that all are background screened prior to providing services for clients.

8. Is there a law or a rule that states that I cannot hire 17 or 18 year old employees?


9. Can we provide homemakers and companions to other agencies like home health agencies and nurse registries?