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1. How do I file a complaint against a Homemaker Companion Services (HCS) that provides services beyond the scope of its HCS registration?

Call the AHCA Complaint call center:1-888-419-3456.

2. Are Homemaker Companion Services inspected or surveyed?

No, but a field office surveyor may make an unannounced visit when a complaint is received by AHCA about a homemaker companion service. The most common complaint received is about providing personal care, such as services provided by a home health aide or CNA, without a home health agency or nurse registry license.

3. Can a Homemaker Companion Service share an office with other healthcare services pool?

There is no state law that prohibits sharing an office.

4. Where do I apply for a Federal EIN Number?

Contact your local IRS Office to apply.

5. How can I get my agency listed on a listing for elderly services?

Call the area agency on aging nearest you for information on how to get on their resource listings. Check your telephone directory or go to the web site, and select "Department of Elder Affairs" from the government agencies to locate the area agency on aging nearest you.

6. What are the procedures for closing a Homemaker and Companion business?

The state law [408.810(4) (a), Florida Statutes] requires that you inform the agency not less than 30 days prior to the discontinuance of operation and inform clients that you are closing and when. Immediately upon discontinuing operation, send the registration certificate to the AHCA Home Care Unit, 2727 Mahan Drive – Mail Stop 34, Tallahassee, FL 32308.

7. After closing a Homemaker Companion Service (HCS) agency, what happens to the client records?

The state law [408.810(5) (b) (1) (2), Florida Statutes] requires the agency to remain responsible for retaining and appropriately distributing all records. If the owner has died or the agency has dissolved, the estate or agent of the agency is responsible. The following is to be done:
(1) Make arrangements to forward records for each client to one of the following, based upon the client's choice: the client or the client's legal representative, the client's attending physician, or the health care provider where the client currently receives services; or
(2) Cause a notice to be published in the newspaper of greatest general circulation in the county in which the provider was located that advises clients of the discontinuance of the provider operation. The notice must inform clients that they may obtain copies of their records and specify the name, address, and telephone number of the person from whom the copies of records may be obtained. The notice must appear at least once per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

8. Can I use a virtual office space?

No.  You must have a physical office located within your geographic service area (the counties appearing on your registration, in which you are approved to offer services). Please note that you may get inspected on an unannounced basis during the weekday if a complaint is received by AHCA. Also, your business name, your street address, and your telephone number will appear at the AHCA web site