NOTICE: This page is no longer maintained and will be removed May 20, 2018.


Emergency management plan

9.1 Is my nurse registry required to have an emergency management plan?

All nurse registries are required to have a current emergency management plan. The required contents of the plan are outlined in 400.506(16) (a) through (f), Florida Statutes and 59A-18.018 Florida Administrative Code. The emergency management form is “Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan for Nurse Registries,” AHCA Form 3110-1017, and can be obtained from the web site.

Each nurse registry should begin to use the Plan format found at the website. The form is designed to be e-mailed, attached as a word document, to the reviewer. The Plan is subject to review and approval by the county health departments as per s. 400.506(16) (e). At the web site is a listing of all of the county health department contacts. Emergency management plans must be sent to each county health department for each of the counties on the nurse registry license. Since funding was not allocated to the county health departments for reviewers of the plans, some counties have elected not to review plans. However, it is the nurse registry’s responsibility to contact the county health department of each of the counties listed on the provider’s license to determine and document whether the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans should be submitted to that county and, if submission is required, whether the county health department will be reviewing the plan for compliance with Florida Statues and rules.

Surveyors will ask to see your plan during an initial survey and your approval letter(s) from the county(s). If you don’t have your approval at the time of your initial survey, be sure you have a receipt that you sent the plan to the appropriate reviewer for each county.

9.2 We are supposed to review our emergency management plan every year and update it as needed.  Are we supposed to send our updated plans for review by each county contact?

No. Nurse registries are only required to submit changes in telephone numbers and names of staff who lead the nurse registry’s emergency response.