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Change of ownership

12.1 Who should submit the Change of Ownership application?

The Buyer is the applicant.

12.2 How soon may the Buyer operate the registry?

The Change of Ownership is an initial licensure application.  The Seller is responsible for the operation of the registry until the license is transferred to the Buyer.  The Buyer must submit the application at least 60 days prior to the actual transfer of ownership.  Once the application is received, it will be reviewed within the first 30 days.  If it is incomplete, a letter will be sent detailing the omissions.  The Buyer then has 21 days from their receipt of the letter in which to respond with the items or clarifications requested. The Agency for Health Care Administration [AHCA] will not issue the license to the Buyer until the legal documents transferring ownership have been received.  When the license is issued, the effective date will be backdated to the date of the actual transfer of ownership indicated in the ownership transfer documents.

12.3 Can the date of ownership transfer be stated as the day AHCA approves the change of ownership application?

No. A change of ownership application must include the effective date of the change of ownership.  The effective date of the change of ownership shall not be extended more than 60 days from the effective date reported on the application; written notification of a change in the effective date must be received by the AHCA prior to the originally reported effective date. The AHCA will deem the application withdrawn if the change of ownership does not occur within 60 days of the reported effective date.

12.4 How long does it take to change the ownership of a home health agency license?

The average processing time, from beginning to end, is 90-120 days.

12.5 Is it faster to apply for an initial license?

The average processing time for an initial license, from beginning to end, is also 90-120 days.

12.6 Do Nurse Registries need to be accredited?

Nurse Registries do not need to become accredited.

12.7 How do I know if the change we are planning is a change of ownership?

The current definition of Change of Ownership can be found at Florida Statutes 408.803(5)

“Change of ownership” means:

A change solely in the management company or board of directors is not a change of ownership.