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Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides are not licensed or certified by the Agency for Health Care Administration or any other Florida state agency or federal agency.

Home Health Aide Fact Sheet – The fact sheet was prepared as a summary for use by individuals seeking employment with home health agencies.

Home health agency requirements for home health aides and CNAs:

State and federal regulations regarding home health aides include state tags H240 through H256 and federal tags G202 through G232, G301, and G302.


Home health aide training or testing:

State licensed home health agencies 59A-8.0095(5), FAC Medicare and Medicaid home health agencies  42 CFR 484.36

Training at least 40 hours

Training at least 75 hours

Competency test using AHCA home health aide test for state licensed only home health agencies. Competency evaluation including observation with patient following 42 CFR 484.36(b). The AHCA test does not meet this federal regulation.

Note:  See the state rule 59A-8.0095(5) and federal regulation 42 CFR 484.36(b) for the specific requirements that must be met.

Home Health Competency Test – The test is provided upon request to licensed home health agencies. Email your request with the name, address and license number of your home health agency to