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FAQs Section 9: Home Health Aide training information

9.1 What are the training requirements for Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants? What are the requirements for working in a Medicare or Medicaid certified home health agency? Where can I obtain a listing of schools offering the training?

The Fact Sheet on Home Health Aides at the Home Care Unit pages of this web site provides a summary of the requirements for home health aides. (You can also view this fact sheet by going to the home page of the AHCA web site, click on “Providers” then click on “Home Care Unit” under “Licensing/Program Offices” and then click on “Home Health Aide.”) This summary was written for home health aides. Persons who are applying for a home health agency license or are currently operating a home health agency cannot just use this summary. Licensed home health agencies need to comply with all requirements in state law and rules. Home health agencies need to meet the requirements in the state home health agency law and rules for home health aides:

Medicare and Medicaid home health agencies need to meet additional requirements established by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These requirements are in found in:

Where to obtain a listing of schools :

9.2 If I wanted to start a school of my own to train Home Health Aides, whom would I contact?

Contact the Commission for Independent Education in the Department of Education. The phone number is 850-245-3200. The toll free number is 888-224-6684. Or, visit their web site at for information on the requirements.

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