NOTICE: This page is no longer maintained and will be removed May 20, 2018.

FAQs Section 12: Emergency Management Plan information

12.1 Does my Emergency Management Plan need to be approved before I am licensed or have my license renewed?

The plan needs to be developed prior to the initial survey and a copy made available to show the surveyor. (See the Emergency Management Plan Format in the listing of documents under “Home Health Agencies” at this web site for the required content of your plan.) The address and contact person for the local County Health Department comprehensive emergency management plan (CEMP) reviewer is also located in the “Emergency Management Plan Review Contacts” under “Home Health Agencies” on this web site.

Please note that the Department of Health may have designated a Regional Comprehensive Plan reviewer. It is possible that your plan may be reviewed by a Regional individual who is not located in your local county health department. Department of Health regions are not the same as AHCA geographic service area designations. Check the website Emergency Management Plan Review Contacts at the website prior to sending your plan for review or updates.

12.2 Who is responsible for the emergency management plan in my agency?

Every home health agency must designate a safety liaison to serve as the primary contact for emergency operations and implementation of the emergency management plan.

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