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Health Care Services Pool Frequently Asked Questions

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Background Screening

3.1 Who has to be fingerprinted? Can the managing employee and financial officer be the same person & if so, do they need to be rescreened for each position?

ANSWER: The managing employee and the financial officer positions are both required to have a level 2 background screening. They can be the same person and if so, the individual would only need to be screened once. All persons that do temporary staffing in or for health care facilities and provide personal care or other services to patients in those facilities must have level 2 background screening. Fingerprinting is done by scanning, but persons who live out of state can send fingerprint cards to the Cogent Systems Office in Ohio. See the background screening page at


3.2. I have a level 2 conviction on my record, what do I need to do?

ANSWER: You can request an exemption from disqualification by completing the application for an exemption at the AHCA web site under Background Screening (scroll down to Information & Resources and select "Exemptions from Disqualification"). Call the AHCA Background Screening office at(850)412-4503 for further information.