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Health Care Services Pool Frequently Asked Questions

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Completing the application for registration

2.1 Where do I get the application?

ANSWER: From this website click on “health care services pool”.


2.2 How much does it cost?

ANSWER: The registration fee is $616.00 for a 2 year registration. There are other fees that you may incur including background screening. See the application and health care services pool web page referred to in #2.1 above for details.


2.3 How long does it take to get registered?

ANSWER: Generally, from 30 to 90 days. It depends on whether all items required on the application are submitted. If so, it can take 30 days if the application is complete and the fingerprinting results show that the managing employee and financial officer are eligible. If the application is not complete, the Agency is required to send a letter listing the items that are missing and provide you with the opportunity to correct. The Agency received a large number of HCSP applications and responses are generally processed in the dare order received. State law permits the Agency up to 60 days to issue a registration once the application is complete.


2.4 When receiving a letter of items needed for my Health Care Services Pool Application, how many days do I have to respond to AHCA?

ANSWER: Requested information omitted from an application, must be sent to AHCA within 21 days of receipt of the letter. If the information is not received, the application will be withdrawn from further consideration. The fees are not refundable.


2.5 After the missing information has been sent back to AHCA, how long does AHCA have to issue my license?

ANSWER: AHCA has 60 days to issue or deny the license from the date that all missing items are received.


2.6 Do I answer all the questions or just the ones that pertain to me on the application?

ANSWER: All questions need to be answered. If a specific question is not applicable to you, write “NA” for not applicable. Or, if the information is that same, such physical and mailing address, write “same”.


2.7 Can I provide services prior to receiving registration and wait to bill after receiving my registration?

ANSWER: No. There is a fine of $2,500 for unregistered activity (as required in Florida Administrative code 59A-27.004).


2.8 What kind of documents must I submit for my corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship?



2.9 Do I need to register a fictitious name for my business?

ANSWER: Yes, if you intend to operate your business under any name other than your legal name (first, middle and last name) or the legal name of your corporation, LLC or partnership. To register the fictitious name of your business, there is information at the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations web site,, or by call (850) 245-6058.


2.10 What can I name my new health care services pool business?

ANSWER: We recommend that you use a name that indicates the temporary staffing services that you provide to business shows the public the kind of services you provide under this registration. The name you select should not include the words home health, personal care, patient care, health care, assisted living, or any name that would imply to the public that your business is registered or licensed to provide care to patients in their homes or provide any services that are other than providing temporary employment in health care facilities, residential facilities and agencies.


2.11 If my registration has expired, what do I need to do?

ANSWER: You must apply as an initial applicant and stop operating until you are registered again.


2.12 If my registration expires during AHCA's review of the application, what should I do?

ANSWER: If your registration expires during the Agency's review, you may continue to operate. According to the state law, your business is still registered if you have submitted the application and fee prior to the license expiration date.


2.13 Insurance - How much? What kind? And where do I get it?

ANSWER: Medical professional liability insurance policy is the most common option for showing financial responsibility to pay claims. Required coverage is a minimum of $1,000,000 per incident, $3,000,000 aggregate. The specific company name and location must be listed as the insured entity of the Certificate of Insurance. Contact your insurance agent. Also, see the application, item #9. We do not keep such a listing. You can view insurance companies licensed in Florida at . You can make a request for the Agency to prepare such a list to the AHCA Public Records Coordinator at .


2.14 Will someone at AHCA go through each item on the application form by telephone with me to help me fill out the form?

ANSWER: If after reviewing the application forms and statutory and rule requirements on our web site you have additional questions, please call (850) 412-4403. Staff will be happy to answer questions that clarify the requirements as they apply to your specific situation, but cannot walk you through the application. Filling out the application is part of your responsibility as an applicant. The Agency's role in this process is to evaluate your application and, if there are elements missing from your application once submitted, provide you with an omissions response that gives you another opportunity to complete the application successfully. If you need extensive assistance in filling out your application, we would advise you to retain an attorney or a government relations consultant to assist you.