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Health Care Services Pool Frequently Asked Questions

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Completing the application for registration

1.1 What are the differences between a Nurse Registry (NR), Home Health Agency (HHA) & Health Care Services Pool(HCSP)?


HCSPs provide temporary staffing opportunities for medically trained and licensed health care personnel in health care facilities such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, clinical laboratories, etc.

HCSP cannot provide patient care or contract directly with a patient or send workers to patient’s home. They only provide staff to facilities and agencies.

HCSP is not limited geographically and may provide temporary staffing anywhere within state once they received their registration. Both NR and HHA can provide staff to facilities anywhere in the state but their primary business is to provide patient care directly. Also, HCSPs can provide a broader range of staff to facilities. Whereas, NR and HHA can only provide the types of staff for services they are licensed to provide. See also question #1.4.


1.2 What kind of services can I provide as a health care services pool?

Answer: Health Care Services Pool provides licensed, certified and/or trained health care personnel to facilities or agencies for temporary work. “Temporary” means employment whereby a pool hires its own employees or independent contractors and assigns them to health care facilities workforce in special work situations such as employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads, special assignments and projects.


1.3 If I start with a Health Care Services Pool can I upgrade later to a Home Health Agency?

Answer: No, you would need to apply separately for a Home Health Agency license.


1.4 If I have a license for a Home Health Agency do I need to get a Health Care Services Pool also? Or for a Nurse Registry do I need to get a Health Care Services Pool also?

Answer: It depends on our business plan. HCSPs can place broader array of professions in temporary employment than either a HHA or a NR. If you are primarily interested in providing patient care, you do not need a HCSP since they cannot enter into contracts with individuals to provide direct patient care.


1.5 If I want to provide therapists to be subcontractors for home health agencies what license do I need?

Answer: The kind of license you need depends on what you intend to do.


1.6 If I only provide one type of therapy on a temporary basis, do I still need a health care services pool registration?

Answer: Yes.


1.7 Do I need to be registered as a Health Care Services Pool to place Medical Techs in Doctor’s offices?

Answer: Yes


1.8 Can Health Care Services Pool do private duty as a Health Care Services Pool?

Answer: No. HCSP are for temporary professional staffing only. HCSPs cannot enter into contracts or agreements with individuals to provide direct services in their homes or other places of residence.