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Health Care Clinic Unit
Bureau of Health Facility Regulation
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Tallahassee, FL 32308
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The Health Care Clinic Unit licenses entities where health care services are provided to individuals and which tender charges for reimbursement for such services, including a mobile clinic and a portable equipment provider.

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 101KB]

Update IconFlorida Medicaid Alert: Florida Medicaid is in the process of updating the Provider General Handbook (handbook) and will soon begin requiring a copy of either a health care clinic license, or a certificate of exemption from licensure as a health care clinic, from newly enrolling providers.  Once the handbook changes are adopted, the Agency will announce a roll-out schedule for existing providers to submit either the license or certificate of exemption.   Existing providers who require a license and presently do not hold one are encouraged to immediately obtain their health care clinic license.  Providers who are required to be licensed and who are not presently licensed are engaged in unlicensed activity, which is subject to sanctions.  Furthermore, Medicaid reimbursements to unlicensed entities are subject to recoupment.

For more information on the Medicaid program and Medicaid policies, contact your local Medicaid area office.  Additionally, information about self audits and other compliance-related issues may be found on the Agency’s website, including the Medicaid Fraud and Abuse link and the Medicaid Training e-Library.

Legislative Changes:

Effective Immediately: Modifications to the health care clinic exemptions in s. 400.9905(4)(l) and (4)(m), Florida Statutes. [See Chapter 2013-153 (HB1159)]
Effective July 1, 2013: Amended accrediting requirement for licensed clinics that provide magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services. [See Chapter 2013-93 (HB1071)]

Email Notifications to Health Care Clinics:  The Agency is now sending notices and alerts to licensed providers via email. If your email address has changed, please contact the Health Care Clinic Unit to update you email address information.  Requests for email address updates can be made by fax, mail, or email, on the clinic’s letterhead.  Remember to include the clinic name and license number with your request.

In 2012, the State of Florida passed HB 119 – Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance (also, refer to s. 627.736, Florida Statutes).  Some of these changes will take effect on January 1, 2013.  Please note that the Agency for Health Care Administration cannot interpret Insurance Code or answer billing questions.

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Health Care Licensing:  General Provisions (Chapter 408, s. 408.801-408.832, F.S.)
Health Care Licensing: General Provisions Rules: (Chapter 59A-35, FL. Administrative Code)
Health Care Clinic Act (Chapter 400, Part X, F.S.)
Health Care Clinic Licensure Rules (Chapter 59A-33, FL. Administrative Code)


The forms are interactive, unless otherwise noted, and may be filled out by typing into the form. When completed please print and mail the application and any supporting documents to the Agency.

Initial License Exemption Application [MS Word 340KB]
Renewal Change of Ownership
Change of Ownership Name Change
Name Change Address Change
Address Change  

Facility Locator (exemptions and licenses issued)
Inspection Reports and Final Orders
Health Care Clinic spreadsheet showing the length of time clinics have been continuously licensed (Updated Monthly) [MS Excel 555KB]
For the most current clinic information, please visit Florida Health Finder as certain changes such as name, address, and medical/clinic director will not be reflected until the next update.


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Health Care Clinic Establishment Permit - Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (Drugs, Devices, and Cosmetics Program Office )

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