Information Regarding Hurricane Maria/ Impact on Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

We deeply appreciate providers who are taking care of the needs of individuals from the U.S. territories who have been displaced by Hurricane Maria. We have received some guidance from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regarding reimbursement for services provided to evacuees who are planning to stay in Florida only temporarily or who would otherwise not qualify for Florida Medicaid. This guidance is online at:

Frequently Asked Questions from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

As we receive additional guidance, we will post it on this page.

Displaced individuals who intend to relocate permanently to Florida, may apply for Florida Medicaid. In order to be eligible for Florida Medicaid, a person must (1) be in an eligible group (2) meet technical requirements for eligibility and (3) meet financial requirements. Technical requirements include citizenship and a declaration of the intent to reside in Florida. An application for Florida Medicaid can be submitted through the online portal: Evacuees resettling in Florida will have no waiting period once their eligibility is approved, and in certain circumstances, eligibility can be approved to cover services provided prior to the application date (“retroactive eligibility”).