Current Regulations in ASPEN Survey

The tables below list the regulation sets used by surveyors when recording survey findings in the ASPEN program (Automated Survey Processing ENvironment).

State Regulations

These regulations, combined with the findings, print as the State Form, which is given to the facility.

Last Update: October 29, 2015

Version Facility/Service Type Aspen ID Effective Date
A-4.00 Abortion Clinic 2QCL 08/11/2015
D-2.01 Adult Day Care (Licensure) DEDY 08/31/2015
F-2.00 Adult Family Care Home 356K 09/28/2015
M-3.00 Ambulatory Surgical Center DVS4 09/14/2015
A-4.02 Assisted Living Facility (includes ALF, ECC, LNS, LMH, and Core Licensure Deficiencies) Z6OB 11/01/2015
B-5.00 Baker Act Enforcement Regulations 7EWW 08/31/2015
B-2.00 Birth Centers 8G52 09/14/2015
L-2.03 Clinical Laboratory Licensure SZD0 04/23/2012
C-2.01 Core Licensure Regulations NE3V 11/01/2015
C-1.05 CSU and SRT Facilities GHSG 07/01/2009
E-1.00 Eyebanks U17B 12/14/2001
U-2.00 Health Care Clinics UYWK 11/01/2015
P-1.02 Health Care Services Pools XCCJ 03/06/2012
H-7.01 Home Health Agencies 8K3W 11/01/2015
O-3.01 Home Medical Equipment OXUV 11/01/2015
I-1.03 Homemaker Companion Services I9TW 09/12/2011
T-2.00 Hospice H5KE 01/26/2015
H-5.00 Hospital Licensure 0JLH 01/14/2013
I-2.00 ICF-MR Regulations HU6E 08/31/2015
K-9.01 Life Safety Code for Ambulatory Surgical Centers 5C6V 04/17/2015
K-8.01 Life Safety Code for Birth Centers WTNX 04/17/2015
K-3.01 Life Safety Code for Hospice RY0Y 04/17/2015
K-8.02 Life Safety Code for Hospitals LO5W 04/17/2015
K-3.01 Life Safety Code for Licensed Only Nursing Homes OQ6E 04/17/2015
P-2.00 Multiphasic Health Testing Center HRSG 01/26/2015
G-3.00 Nurse Registry Licensure PQTH 05/04/2015
N-4.01 Nursing Home Licensure 0AVE 09/15/2014
O-1.00 Organ Procurement Organization VY71 12/14/2001
Q-2.00 Prescribed Pediatric Ext Care KP0G 08/31/2015
R-2.02 Residential Treatment Facility H7BF 05/16/2001
C-1.10 Residential Treatment Center for Children & Adolescents DYHX 10/20/2008
T-1.01 Tissue Banks 9F2G 12/14/2001
T-2.01 Toxicology JPJI 11/01/2010
T-4.00 Transitional Living Facility EW9M 08/31/2015

Federal Regulations

Last Update -- August 27, 2015

These regulations, combined with the findings, print as the CMS-2567 Form, which is given to the facility.

Version Facility/Service Type Aspen ID Effective Date
A-23.00 Acute Care Hospital FA23 06/12/2015
Q-08.02 Ambulatory Surgical Centers FQ08 06/12/2015
D-08.01 CLIA Regulations FD04 08/21/2015
M-01.00 Community Mental Health Center 3801 10/29/2014
I-09.00 Comp Outpatient Rehab Facility (CORF) FC09 11/03/2004
C-06.01 Critical Access Hospitals 6R90 08/05/2015
V-10.01 End Stage Renal Disease FV10 03/01/2010
G-10.05 Home Health Agencies D10F 03/01/2010
L-03.03 Hospice ZZ7C 11/01/2009
W-07.01 ICF-MR Regulations FW02 06/10/2004
F-14.02 Long Term Care Facilities FF09 07/01/2014
K-01.05 LSC 2000 ASC and ESRD Existing K203 11/19/2009
K-01.05 LSC 2000 ASC and ESRD New K204 11/19/2009
K-01.03 LSC 2000 Health Existing K201 04/15/2005
K-01.03 LSC 2000 Health New K202 04/15/2005
K-01.03 LSC 2000 ICFMR Existing K205 04/20/2004
K-01.03 LSC 2000 ICFMR New K206 04/20/2004
Z-02.00 Organ Procurement FZ02 05/01/2011
I-09.00 Outpatient Physical Therapy FT09 01/01/2012
H-06.00 Portable X-Ray Requirements QYN6 05/29/2003
B-05.01 Psychiatric Hospitals FB01 09/02/1996
N-02.00 Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities Q601 11/28/2014
R-01.00 Relig Nonmed Healthcare Instit Z6JO 07/23/2004
J-07.02 Rural Health Clinics FJ07 06/12/2015
X-02.01 Transplant Centers FX02 08/12/2014