Denied The initial license application was denied.
Active The license is active and services may be provided.
Closed The licensed provider has relinquished the license.
Denied Renewal The license renewal application was denied.
Litigation Agency has initiated action deny or revoke a license or initial application for licensure.
Revoked The license was revoked.
Deny License Modification An application to change or expand services of its existing license was denied; examples include a request to add licensed beds or expand certain services.
Deny Change of Ownership An applicant's request to purchase an existing licensed provider was denied. The original licensee may still operate the provider (see License Status).
Deny License The applicant's request for a license was denied.
Moratorium The licensee was prohibited from admitting new patients or residents due to an emergency action issued by the Agency.
Revocation The license was revoked.
Suspension The license was temporarily suspended due to an emergency action issued by the Agency.